solar panels push the fisker ocean electric SUV to range of over 480km

by admin

the fisker ocean has officially been named as the follow-up to the electric start-up’s ‘emotion’ car, which was first revealed in 2017. the compact SUV’s sleek exterior is topped off with lightweight solar panels that line the roof. these are said to generate 1,000 clean, free miles to complement its dual motor, 80 kWh battery pack, and help deliver over 480 km of range.

distinguished with a rational grid grille on the front, the exterior of the fisker ocean is split into two distinct sections. black aerodynamic accessories adorn the lower part while the rest of the body is shaped as if from a single mould. this silver sculpture appears smooth yet sharp grooves add a sense of dynamism. LED pin-stripe lights accentuate these cuts at the front and rear.

the interior is said to mirror the car’s sustainable outlook. to start with, the leather-free interior is lined with carpets fashioned from recycled fishing nets. likewise, the cabin trim will be made from reused fabrics, such as old t-shirts and other clothes. lastly, fisker has promised that large amounts of landfill waste, generated by the rubber manufacturing industry like tires, will be reused throughout.

further details on the design of the fisker ocean is set to be revealed on november 27th. the model will then go on sale in 2021 before full-production starts at the end of that year.

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