Sleek, sustainable mercedes-benz vision EQS – a closer look at the concept car in tokyo

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Taking a detailed look at mercedes’ new study for sustainable luxury, designboom travelled to japan for the tokyo motor show to experience directly the new mercedes-benz vision EQS.

following the EQC – the brand’s first production electric car, the mercedes-benz vision EQS highlights their future for green, luxury mobility. sustainability is interwoven within the elegant, two-toned car design, from both the craftsmanship of the sculptural exterior and interior forms through to its innovative services. the vehicle itself encourages users to charge with ‘green’ energy via specific stations, and spreads this environmentally friendly feeling as you travel in a sustainable space of luxury

designboom’s youngest editor with a passion for cars in front of the mercedes-benz vision EQS
all images courtesy of daimler AG

elongated and elegant yet dramatic and powerful, the one-bow exterior of the mercedes-benz vision EQS is instantly distinguished by its two-tone color scheme of silver and dark blue. its highly sculptural form is divided by a shoulder line, called the ‘lightbelt’, that revolves around the whole car. it links the black-panel LED matrix grille on the front with the cluster of 229 individual LED stars, which create the intricate rear lights. at the front, new DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps comprise four holographic lens modules that appear to ‘float’ as they rotate at over 2000 rpm. the futuristic innovation allows interaction between the car and surroundings, offering an almost unlimited number of displays.

sculpted in a high level to match that of the exterior, the car’s interior adds progressiveness to luxury through the integration of sustainability. to start, the yacht-inspired cabin combines the dashboard, center console and armrests into a wrap-around architecture that encompasses the passengers. its bright white surfaces are crafted from DINAMICA microfiber – recycled PET bottles – whilst its maple trim is sourced from ecologically managed german forests. the roof liner is then made ‘using a quantity of recycled ocean waste plastic‘. rose gold colored highlights add exclusivity by encasing details and components, and even being used as seams across the space.

the interior is not only mercedes-benz’s vision for the future thanks to its sustainable materials, it is a platform for advanced technology too. digital interfaces can be projected across any flat surface of the cabin’s combined architecture, where users can control elements from entertainment through to vehicle functions. like the ‘lightbelt’ of the exterior, an intelligent connect light circles around the whole interior as well. it acts as ambient lighting and also as an interface to communicate to passengers.

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