mitsubishi reveals ‘Mi-Tech’ hybrid buggy concept with AR windscreen

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mitsubishi has revealed its Mi-Tech concept car — a plug-in hybrid that promises to be the buggy of the future. unveiled at this year’s tokyo motor show 2019, the electric SUV features pared-back bodywork that’s both sleek and blocky and a windshield that doubles up as one big augmented reality display.

Mi-Tech was designed with a compact new PHEV drivetrain, a four-motor electric 4WD system, and advanced driver assist. it features a light blue body color and a secondary copper color in a motor coil motif on the grille, inner wheels, and interior. t-shaped headlights are embedded in the front end to emphasize a distinguishing outward appearance.

on the sides, the highly raised overfenders and large diameter tires project a high level of mobility plus power as an suv, as well as the stability to thoroughly grip the terrain. the body radiates grandeur and sharpness with a design reminiscent of a metal ingot carved in a cutting machine, while the use of a side step on the carved sides balances utility with design.

copper accents continue inside where keyboard-shaped switches are positioned atop a center console with a horizontal theme. a simplified dashboard makes for easy usage with a front handgrip makes it easier to operate them, even if the buggy is rocking and careening around.

the power generator in the new PHEV drivetrain is a lightweight, compact gas turbine engine-generator in place of the traditional gasoline engine. as environmental awareness grows and downsizing progresses, the concept explores the technological proposition to plug the PHEV drivetrain into a small suv. the gas turbine engine-generator has a powerful output for its size and weight.

the vehicle comes equipped with human-machine interface (HMI) which displays various information detected through sensing technology including advanced optical sensors on an augmented reality windshield. with vehicle, road, and surrounding traffic conditions shown on the ar windshield, drivers can make accurate, heads-up decisions even in poor visibility.

another benefit of the gas turbine is its flexibility to run on a variety of fuels such as diesel, kerosene and alcohol which can be selected depending on the regions. further, its exhaust is clean so it responds to environmental and energy issues.

‘we are dedicated to electrification technology, particularly plug-in hybrids (PHEVs),’ kato said. ‘we will be expanding our lineup of electrified vehicles by delivering more variations and leveraging the diverse electrification technology in the alliance to make mmc the leader in the phev category going forward.’

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