gerardo broissin generates cloud forest within parametric concrete egaligilo pavilion

by admin

situated alongside mexico city’s museo tamayo the arch days 2019 pavilion entitled ‘egaligilo’ is designed by mexican architect gerardo broissin. the pavilion, fabricated with concrete components, evokes both rational and parametric architectural systems while preserving a small interior cloud forest environment at its interior. in the language of esperanto, designed to facilitate international communication, the word egaligilo translates as ‘equalizer.’

the egaligilo pavilion generates its own microclimate by preserving the atmospheric conditions required to maintain a small interior cloud forest. the structure allows light and rain to penetrate both skins and nourish lush greenery within. together with both natural and artificial light, the gap between the two overlapping skins allows for a variation of scenarios throughout the day, inviting the spectator to redefine the boundary between interior and exterior. as the egaligilo pavilion seeks to raise awareness about the recycling of temporary structures, it will ultimately be relocated and reprogrammed as a classroom in a struggling community.

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